Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuffed In The Ear and Hit In The Eye

There was a good crowd at the gym tonight.  Erica, Adam, Cole, Marvel, Fatima, Jamil, Jamal, Eric, Professor, Evangelina, Kyren (I'll get her name right, yet), plus new persons.  They were David, Jennine, and a tall African-American woman with a delicate voice who's name escapes me at the moment. 

Evangelina and I sparred after Professor and Jamil did.  She got me square in my right eye.  "Oh, no, no!" I thought.  The room went hazy for a moment.  It figures.  I just got the all clear on that eye during a follow-up appointment with the eye doctor yesterday, then I get hit in that eye.  Evangelina loves uppercuts, and I took a good solid one to my mid-section.  Then she had me backed up in a corner, and I slipped and fell.  Earlier, Alan said that she may end up fighting Meg, the woman I fought twice last year.  After the sparring session, I told Evangelina, "You should use that punch to the gut if you end up facing Meg!"  That hit nearly took me out. 

Alan then took out the punch doughnut out and worked on punches with both Evangelina and I.  During my second round on the doughnut, Alan caught me with my hands down.  He reached out and cuffed my right ear.  It stung, and I kept my hands up after that.  During the last 30 seconds of that round, Alan kept yelling at me to keep throwing punches.  I did, but it was not easy.  I laid down on the canvas afterwards.  "One, two, three. . ." Alan grinned, pretending to count me out.  Cole gave me my glasses, which I had laid on the storage bin in the back.  "This is so you can see while you rest," she laughed.

Later, I told Alan about the cuffing. He looked dismayed.  "I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked.  "No," I laughed, "but it reminded me of my dad hitting me like that when he got mad about something I had done or not done." 

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