Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Boxing

No change in the temperature in the gym.  Josh suggested turning on the window fan that built into the wall in the back of the gym.  The fan came on, but didn't offer much relief. 

 Jamil sparred with Anthony, and Anthony sparred with Mike.  Evangelina and I sparred for two rounds.  I protected my head better than I did the last time, but she got in a good punch to my nose.  "Ow!  Keep your hands up!" I silently ordered myself. The picture below was taken right after Evangelina and I sparred; Evangelina took the picture.

Professor brought his brother Miles with him, and Mike brought in his friend Jack.  Miles was really working the speed bag.  I was surprised to find out later that he'd never had a fight.  Miles is a Park District volunteer, like I am.  Alan said that he thought it was okay for Miles to keep working out at the gym, but he told Miles to clear it with Mary first. 

Professor's already has his mind on next year's Golden Gloves.  "Is the gym open more hours when the Gloves is going on?" he asked me.  "Yes, the coach will open it up, usually on weekends, so that people can get extra training in."  Professor wants to start sparring again in September.  That'll be just in time for Loyola Park's boxing show. 

An amateur match is coming up soon at the Chicago Fight Club, and I want to go to that.  That's the gym where Antonio trains, and I've long been curious about the place.  One of these days, I'll actually do a workout at the Chicago Boxing Club, and I'll return to do some workouts at JABB Gym.  Actually, I need to go up to Hamlin.  Bill told me a long time ago that I could get some sparring up there, but school and other obligations have kept me from going.

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