Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling The Age

Deo stopped in briefly last night.  "What happened to all the life in the gym?" he asked.  Good question.  Most people stayed away again yesterday evening.  Outside of Alan, only Jamil, Donald, Ralphie and myself were there.  The low attendance is a little troubling because the new summer session doesn't start until a month from now.  Usually, people go missing during the last couple weeks of the current session, not this early on.  Alan missed Deo by a few minutes, because he came in later.  "He looked good," I told Alan.  Deo was the guy who's eye socket had been broken by Leon a few months ago.

I didn't spar, although I could have moved around with either Jamil, Ralphie or Alan.  Donald likes working out on the bags, but I don't think he's too keen on sparring.  Alan opted not to change out of his street clothes, so Jamil and Ralphie worked with each other. 

When Alan asked why I wasn't sparring, I answered, "I'm feeling old today."  The day before, I had done my usual shadow boxing workout at church, and I worked out at church this morning.  My right knee is stiff, and it feels like its weighed down in fluid.  I only did a couple of rounds of jumping rope because of it.  While actually punching, I kept having to take short rests to give my left arm a break.  It was tight, as well as my middle and lower back.  I did put in a hour's work, however.  It's a good thing I give my body a rest Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the recovery times seem to get longer.

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