Friday, April 09, 2010

"I Like This!"

"I like this!" Stacy, another new person in the gym, kept commenting this past Wednesday night.  It seemed like she was meant to come into the gym.  Friends of hers kept buying her boxing equipment long before she considered taking up the sport.  Stacy figured she might as well look into it.

The gym was busy again that evening.  John, the attorney, came in to work out.  I thought I heard him asking Alan about sparring.  Alan pointed to the attenance roster and said, "I need your name on this list first."  I told John that I was planning to return to school to be a paralegal.  "It's a tough market in law right now," he told me.  "Some attorneys are hiring themselves out at $25.00 an hour to do paralegal work for other attorneys."

I spent an early part of the evening showing technique to both Cynthia and Stacy.  When Alan asked if I was going to spar, I turned it down because I felt I hadn't warmed up enough.  Doing a warm-up before any workout is important, but even more so the older one becomes.  Some of the damage I experience now -- arthritis in particular -- might be because I wasn't diligent about doing a warm-up. 

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