Monday, March 01, 2010

Sign Up Sunday

Carlos came to pick me up yesterday morning so we could go to the Golden Gloves Tournament sign-up at Eckhert Park.  His girlfriend, Cynthia, along with their youngest son, Jacob, were in the car. Jacob is a very cute nine-month-old.  Where his older brother Justin (who was at church with his grandmother) looks just like Cynthia, Jacob looks just like Carlos.  Carlos called before he came by.  "Do I have to shave off my beard?" he asked.  "Not until right before the fights," I answered.  "Oops, I've already started to cut it off," he said.  I don't think I had ever seen Carlos clean-shaven until yesterday.  He's very baby-faced. 

Surprisingly, the room wasn't packed when we arrived.  I didn't recognize many except for Rita, Ted, Tracy (the publicist for the event), and the photographer who always takes stunning photos during the tournament.  It didn't take long for me to renew my coach's license, but Carlos had a bit of paperwork to fill out.  Plus, he had to pay for his first boxing license. 

One of the coaches was grumbling about the price of the license, which has gone up.  "This is a rip-off!  What am I paying for?" he said.  It was pointed out to him that the boxer's licenses and the boxing club licenses had gone up, too.  The guy kept complaining, and the people doing the registering politely gave him a hint: either pay it, or don't pay it.

Alan and John had been there earlier and had taken care of their business.  Carlos mentioned that he had spoken to Alan earlier that morning, and it was unclear whether or not Jamil had made it to registration.  I believe today is the last opportunity to sign-up; however, the registration will be held out in the suburbs. 

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