Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Hit Below

Lately, it seems that I have missed seeing all of the rough hits that take place during sparring.  Carlos and John were in the ring last night.  I turned around to see John down on one knee.  At first, I thought he had been hit in the gut.  He finished the round, but staggered out of the ring, his face contorted in pain.  "Are you okay?" I asked.  He told me that Carlos hit him in the one spot where no man likes to be hit.

When I was in high school, I had a gym teacher who taught us a fast-paced game.  It was a cross between basketball and football, and we played with a soft, Nerf-like ball.  I was trying to get someone to pass the ball to me.  I swung one of my hands back and caught my friend Keith right in that spot.  "You trying to prevent me from having children?" he said, as he doubled over and backed away.  There is a reason why it is often suggested to guys to wear protective cups.

A new guy in the class, Victor, told me that he used to be a regular in the kids' boxing program when he was five years old.  "That's when Barry used to have hair," he said, and we both laughed.  Barry keeps his head shaved bald these days.  Victor is getting back into the game; he's now 18 years old.

Matt and Cynthia signed up for the Spring session, which doesn't begin for another two weeks.  They both are eager to start.  Cynthia told me that she plans to watch some of the fights at the Golden Gloves.

Carlos and I did interval training on the heavy bag.  He was laid out on the floor afterwards, while I felt energized.  It must have been that energy drink I had two hours before I got to the gym.  It really did the trick.

Jamil didn't sign up for the Gloves, so it looks as if Carlos and John are going to be the only two representatives from Loyola's adult boxing program.  I miss the days when we had four to five guys competing for titles at the Gloves.

I reminded Pastor Roger about considering coming out to the Gloves for his and Virginia's date night.  Too bad I'm not boxing in the tournament, but I might get to work the corners.  "Opening night is one of the best nights to be there because all of the boxers have to show up to be weighed in.  Plus, celebrities come in," I told Pastor.  Well, celebrities pop up at the Gloves the whole time the tournament is running.  Some are asked to hand out trophies, while others come in to take in the action with the rest of the crowd.  The celebrities are usually current professional boxers, former professional boxers, and former amateur champs, some of whom have gone on to be prominent in other fields.  I wonder if the tournament organizers would ever considering asking former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich to hand out a trophy?  He did train as an amateur boxer and participated in the Gloves years ago.  It's true.

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