Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easy First Night of the Session

Three new guys: Devon (I'll get his name right soon), Patrick, and Eric came in for the first evening of the Spring session.  After Carol and BK struggled with the uncooperative gym door -- which often sticks -- all were able to enter the gym.

As for the guys who normally come in, only Carlos showed up.  He had been debating whether or not to do so, since everyone knew Alan was going to be absent last night.  No coach means no sparring, which is probably why the other guys didn't come in.  But Carlos figured he'd get in some time on the bags anyway. 

I went over general rules of the gym with the new guys, then showed them the basic stance, how to throw lefts and rights, and how to move.  They all thanked me at the end of the evening.  "I hope it was helpful.  I think Alan explains it better," I said.  Patrick replied, "I didn't know anything about boxing, so it was fine."  Sometimes, I feel so tongue-tied and scatterbrained when I'm explaining boxing technique to others.  That's why I always listed to Steve in the past and now, Alan, everytime I heard it being explained to someone else.  In fact, the speech I give about the general rules of the gym is very close to what Steve used to tell new people. 

The evening went smoothly with no out-of-pocket incidents.  A couple of guys came and stood in the door earlier, but we talked about Mayweather, Mosely, Pachiao, and Roy Jones, Jr.  They were just curious about the gym, and they left after a few minutes.  I was very glad that Jordan didn't make another appearance.  I wasn't in the mood to go back and forth with him about gym protocol.

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