Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sparring And A Crash

I sparred one round with Ralphie on Wednesday.  It was his birthday.  I heard him say he's 31 years old, but he looks a lot younger than that. 

Jeremy begged off of sparring.  "I didn't let my wife see my shirt," he told me, referring to the blood he got on it from Monday night. 

Adam told me, "I would spar with you, but I'm meeting a girl later, and I want to look good."  We both laughed.  Jeremy was leaning up against the lockers.  "Is it hot in here, or is it me?" I asked them.  Ever since I've been noticing what seems to be hot flashes, I've been asking that question often of others.  "No, it's hot in here," Jeremy confirmed.  There were a good number of guys in the gym, and no air was circulating. 

Ed came in.  "Hillari, you've been coming here a long time.  I remember!"  Ed began boxing several years ago in Barry's class.  "Since September of 2002," I smiled.  Sometimes it doesn't seem that it has been that long. 

Alan was pulling out of a parking space at the end of the evening when he backed into a car that was double parked. He cursed as he jumped out of the car to check the damage.  Neither Alan, myself, nor the other driver was hurt.  Alan and the other driver exchanged information.  Alan had broken a mirror on the other guy's car.  "I think I'll just go ahead and pay for it.  The guy told me he's a lawyer.  I don't want to aggravate him," he said to me. 

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