Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Two Rounds

Carlos came in, suffering from a cold.  "Sometimes I can breathe out of one nostril, then sometimes, the other nostril is clear," he said.  Alan suggested that Carlos work it off by hitting the bags after he sparred with a few guys, including St. Louis.  Acknowledging that the cold was slowing him down, Alan later told me, "Carlos wasn't himself tonight." 

Carlos still hasn't decided whether he's going to sign up for the Golden Gloves.  "I think I'm too heavy," he said.  "You'll be fine.  A lot of heavyweights run out of gas after the first round," St. Louis told him.  "You just have to keep hitting and pace yourself," Alan said.

I sparred with Jamil for two rounds, and I felt amazingly confident.  I was lighter on my feet, and I took little breaks to back up and get air.  Jamil told me that I got him with a left hook.  "I saw it coming, but I didn't get my hand up fast enough to block it," he smiled.  That was a surprise to me, because I didn't think any of the hooks I threw connected.  I was tired afterwards, but not as winded and worn down as I usually am.  I immediately got on the heavy bags.

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