Friday, January 22, 2010

Digital Boxing Tips

The proper name for the donut is punch shield.  Finally got that right.

Wednesday was Edgar's first time in the ring sparring.  He was in with Carlos, who went several rounds as usual with the guys in the gym.  When it was my turn to spar, I ended up against Ralphie, who's quick.  I whaled on him a few times when I caught him up against the ropes and in the corners.  However, I doubt that I did much damage.

I was playing around with my little drug store special digital camera, and figured out how to upload videos to YouTube.  I figured I'd start with posting some boxing tips for women:

The second video I attempted to upload didn't take, so I will have to figure out what went wrong.  If I had a better camera, maybe it would make a difference, but I don't know. 

Alan thinks that there is a pretty good roster of guys available -- Carlos, Jamil, Ed, Ralphie -- for the Chicago Golden Gloves.  It's a matter of whether they want to compete in that tournament and if they will have the time to do so. 

I noticed that Jilberto was standing just outside of the door to the gym talking to a blond woman.  Later, he told Alan and I that she seemed interested at first, but then she saw Carlos and Ralphie sparring.  "Oh, no, I don't want to do that!" she exclaimed. 

I found my second old cell phone, so I will eventually make my way to the Chicago Boxing Club to donate that for the fund of the boxer who passed away in Philly not too long ago.  Virginia and I were thinking about hanging out this Saturday depending on our schedules.  Maybe we can take a trip to drop off the phone, and I can show her the inside of that gym, then we could go to lunch. 

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