Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hair and Weight

Alan was concerned that there wouldn't be that many people signing up for the winter session.  "A lot of people start in January," I told him.  "Most of them will be fulfilling New Year's resolutions to lose weight or to try something new."  But I also mentioned that most of the new people would probably be gone by the time the Golden Gloves registration begins in February.

Only Jamil and I came in, and we sparred.  Outside of that, I spent most of the time working on ducking and coming up with hooks.  Alan helped me work on them further by holding the punch donut. 

"If you could get down to 130 pounds, that would be good," Alan said.  "I used to be 125 pounds years ago," I said.  "And I used to have hair," Alan grinned.  I fondly remember being able to walk around wearing midriff bearing tops.  "I can't grow back my hair, but you could lose the weight," Alan told me.  That about forty-plus pounds I have to lose.  I'm really going to have to work.

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