Friday, January 25, 2008

JJ Misses A Turn

I learned Wednesday night that JJ lost his fight to Ramon at the IL State Championships. "Ramon danced in circles around him, while JJ didn't throw enough punches," Steve explained, sounding obviously disappointed. JJ would have been a state champ if he had won that match. There's one more go around at the Golden Gloves Tournament to bring home a trophy, then Steve will be gone.

Paul and Kristen came in; I met them both some time ago at a match out in Aurora, I believe. Steve said that Paul was robbed of a win at the State Championships, but Kristen won in her category. She told me that Rita, a professional boxer, runs a group for female boxers that meets at Degerberg Martial Arts Academy. I would love to go up there and check it out, despite the fact that I can no longer compete. Unfortunately, it meets on Sunday mornings, and I can't skip church services often.

Mike sparred with Paul. As usual, Jordan asked if he could spar. "You're not ready, man," Steve told him. When Jordan kept begging and sulking, Steve broke it down to him. "You can't get upset everytime you get hit, or someone accidently pokes you in the eye. You have to get used to that," he told him. Jordan promised he would act differently the next time he comes into the gym. Yet I noticed he was still doing his habit of not putting in a full, consistent workout.

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